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When might you need an electrical transformer?

Here are a few basic definitions you need to know. Electrical transformers convert alternating current (AC) into voltages and come in two main categories: those that increase the voltage coming out of them while reducing the current (so-called “step-up” transformers) and those that do the opposite, by decreasing the voltage coming out of them while increasing the current (so-called “step-down” transformers). In other words, the designation “up” or...

How could fibre-optic broadband impact your connectivity?

Fibre-optic broadband (sometimes referred to only as fibre broadband), as its name implies, transmits digital signals, not through standard copper telephone cables but via fine filaments of glass or plastic. Here’s why that’s important: a standard coaxial “twisted pair” copper cable can carry six telephone calls simultaneously. But a single fibre optic pair can carry over 2.5 million telephone calls simultaneously.

Why is Apple depending more on mini USB cables?

While it’s true that Apple appears to have ditched its earlier plans to replace its famous Lightning connector with the now-ubiquitous mini-USB (sometimes called Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C) on forthcoming iterations of its flagship iPhone, it certainly isn’t true of a range of other new products from the tech giant that are running the iOS operating system.

What businesses need to learn from the lockdown

The unprecedented lockdown implemented to limit the spread of infection rates from the COVID-19 virus has exposed severe problems for a large proportion of smaller businesses. They have found themselves technologically ill-prepared for the new remote working arrangements required for continued trading.

How has social distancing transformed distance learning?

There are occasions in which a horrible crisis can yield hitherto unexpected and lasting benefits - and it seems as though the COVID-19 pandemic has already begun to do so by forcing an innovative rethink about the place of online distance learning in educational establishments.

See the world from the comfort of your home

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only upended millions of people’s working lives, but it has also put paid to those other so-called ‘non-essential’ dimensions of life – such as comedy nights at the local, pub quizzes, holidays abroad, and attending much-anticipated big-name social events such as concerts. Or has it?

How will Facebook's cable transform Africa?

In recent weeks, social media tech giant Facebook has announced that it is commencing a gigantic new ‘2Africa’ project to build a 37,000km (23,000-mile) undersea cable encircling the perimeter of Africa, which will deliver fast internet services to 16 of the continent’s countries.

Beat the lockdown – how tech can help you to stay social

It has taken the COVID-19 pandemic and the home confinement it has brought for many of us to discover that while social media platforms are compulsively engaging, we really are social beings, after all – beings who yearn for real human camaraderie and a change of scene from our own living rooms when we’re deprived of both for extended periods.

How Euronetwork's 4K HDMI cables are the perfect fit for the latest Samsung TV

If you’re taking the plunge and purchasing Samsung’s latest, 4K TV, the QE65Q95T (Q95T for short), you’re certainly in for a spectacular visual and audial treat. The gamers in your family will be connecting their consoles to a true box of delights, with stunning visuals and zero-to-imperceptible input lags. Here’s a quick lowdown on what you can expect, and how you can get the best out of the new set and your high-end gaming consoles with Euronetwork’s ...

Signs that you need to replace your SVGA splitter

Like just about every physical object in the universe, that SVGA splitter you’ve been using to feed video signals from your PC to two different monitors or TVs is subject to wear and tear. Splitters are inevitably subject to cumulative mechanical stress, for example, every time you plug in or unplug the connectors.

What are the benefits of wall plates in your home?

Here at EuroNetwork, we would wager that most of our customers very rarely pay any attention to a feature of their home or office that plays a big part in keeping them safe. It’s a little invention that most of us, most of the time, take for granted, only paying attention when it’s time to re-paint the walls or power up a newly-purchased electrical device. We pay attention to them because we sell them, and we take great care to ensure they conform to the highest safety s...

Looking for a custom ethernet cable? What you need to know

We have come a long way in telecommunications technology over just a handful of decades, so much so that in our new ‘hyperconnected’ world, very, very few individuals or businesses can operate adequately without computer network connections. At the centre of all of this interconnectedness, acting as the conduit through which the vast volumes of data we now rely on is transferred, is the humble (but ingenious) ethernet cable.

Two of you working from home – you might need an ethernet splitter

With vast numbers of people suddenly finding themselves working from home during the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, something very pressing is almost certainly occurring to many of them. It’s this: that single, solitary wall-mounted ethernet port they’ve always relied upon just isn’t enough to meet the demand for more devices. That particularly applies if, as in many homes at the moment, there are also kids at home wanting internet access.

Keep your hardware and household safe while working from home

With vast numbers of people now working exclusively from home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's all too easy to disregard something that's firmly in place in the workplace. A 'something' that protects us from injury and even death. If you haven't already guessed what we're referring to, we'll spell it out: health and safety policy and procedures, which are mandatory for the workplace. But what happens when you're at home while getting through...

Issues with your audio on conference calls?

It’s fair to say that for a significant proportion of people required to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, the prospect may initially have seemed enticing. But a crucial tool in being able to continue with working from home today is the internet – and not many of us have the technical IT know-how needed to sort out glitches when they arise. If they strike just as you’re about to embark on a carefully planned conference call with colleagues, it can presen...

From Facetime to Zoom – here's how you can stay connected working from home

The social distancing measures being practised in many countries to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus may protect the lives of those vulnerable to its effects; however, they could also spell the demise of many small and medium-sized businesses. Such businesses have far fewer resources to enable them to survive a prolonged economic lockdown that their multibillion counterparts. But, thankfully, a life support system has suddenly become available to them.

How the collaboration of technologies is coming together to help counter COVID-19

What does a country do when a viral pandemic capable of causing severe respiratory problems in a significant proportion of the infected population strikes, but there aren’t enough ventilators available to save lives in its hospitals? Answer: get innovative technology engineers to work together to produce sufficient numbers of the machines to prevent deaths.

8K HDMI cables – what you need to know

New-generation 8K resolution TVs and video displays aren’t available yet, but they’re definitely coming. If you’re eager to become an early user of this advanced high-res technology, you need to know about the cables you’re going to require to link your set to your upcoming 8K digital streaming boxes, cable satellite, games consoles and Blu-ray players if you want to enjoy the stunning new visual quality at its best.

4K HDMI cables – what you need to know

You’ve just purchased a spectacular Ultra-High-Definition ‘4K’ television – but what cable do you need to connect your game console, your cable TV set-top box or HD-capable satellite, or your Blu-ray player without sacrificing any of that glorious picture quality you’re looking forward to enjoying?

Response to Coronavirus (Wednesday 18th March 2020)

Good Afternoon, We are sure you have received a lot of emails from different companies over the past few days, updating you on their plans during this uncertain time... well, here’s ours. In light of the current uncertainty that we are all facing, we are taking steps as a business to remain business as usual for as long as we can; our sales team are available and online shop is still very much open – whilst we are monitoring the situation closely. Our main priority is keeping our cu...

How to decide which AV cable is right for you

First, some common characteristics. An AV cable is designed to convey both audio and visual signals from one device to another, decoding and transmitting the signal from the source device to the audio and video output.

How can an AV installation in your home change your day-to-day life?

We live in an unprecedented era of advanced technologies that are transforming the way that we experience our lives — and cutting-edge audio-visual (AV) installations are no exception. Many new-build homes are already having such installations integrated into their very fabric as they’re being built.

Top five AV products you should buy as a consumer

Today, you can listen to your smartphone’s music library throughout your home as you move from one room to another, relax and put your feet up to watch a high-definition movie in your home cinema theatre, or listen to top-quality music reproduction in your high-fidelity audio-powered music room.

Deciding which USB cable to buy can be daunting — here’s our guide to help you make your decision

Anyone who attempts to mix a Type A with a Type B or C is asking for trouble, and that’s not even mentioning the havoc you can expect if you use a Mini when only a Micro will do, or try Lightning on any of the above. No, we’re not talking about blood groups, types of car, or meteorological conditions. We’re referring instead to the world of USB cables. If your head is spinning at the range of different types available, we’re here to restore your balance and h...

As a business, how can an AV installation change your day-to-day life?

Some of us are old enough to remember the days when the most mind-bogglingly inventive form of technology for the office was the fax machine, and when organising seminars and business meetings would take weeks of advance planning. Aspects to consider included the booking of conference rooms and the physical transportation of attendees across long distances that may have entailed them needing overnight hotel accommodation or facing a gruelling journey home on the same day. Happily, these days ar...

Switches, extenders, splitters — a dive into AV distribution

Knowing which peripheral to use when setting up your AV system will help to ensure that you have a trouble-free set-up. There are often a lot of small issues that can pop up when you are getting things together, and it is important to know what you need in order to solve the problem. We have put together a guide so that you will know which peripheral to use to make sure that your distribution is perfect, every single time. SwitchesSwitches are mainly used when you have a single output method bu...

Making a decision on an extension lead can be daunting — here we make it a little easier

Choosing the right extension lead can often be difficult. There are so many options out there that choosing the right one can be hit and miss. However, there is no need to worry, we’ve put together a guide to help you pick the right lead for your needs. Read on to find out how you can make the correct choice. Where will you use your extension lead?This is a vital piece of information when it comes to choosing the lead you want to use. If you are using the lead in a home setting, then you ...

Will the new HDMI 2.1 overtake HDMI 2.0 any time soon? A simple guide

HDMI cables have been the most dominant and essential cables on the entire cable market for a long time now. With other cables out there attempting to steal a march on what HDMI 2.0 offered, it was important that HDMI managed to keep up with its competitors. In order to do this, it was vital to move with the times and offer an updated version. This has taken place and HDMI 2.1 is officially a product that we can look forward to using. But will it overtake HDMI 2.0 as the dominant cable on the m...

What you need to know about AV wall plates before installation

AV wall plates are one of the most helpful additions you can have for your AV installation. Before you decide whether you want to utilise them in your set-up, it is important to know the specific areas where they can help the most. Take a look at our guide to see exactly how an AV wall plate can help you out. Keeping things tidyThis is one of the most overlooked aspects of AV installation. Keeping things tidy is vitally important. Firstly, keeping your cables tidy will make sure that you do not...

Are you travelling this Valentines' Day? Travel plug-related mistakes to avoid...

Common travel plug-related mistakes people make when travelling on Valentine’s DayTaking a trip on Valentine’s Day is one of the classic treats that people arrange for their significant others — it is nice to get away for a while and enjoy the company of your loved one. There is one area where people make silly mistakes that can sometimes put a dampener on the trip though — travel plugs. Something so simple can cause serious issues if you do not get it right. There is no...

The Bett Show — what were the main takeaways from the event?

The annual Bett Show shows the world of education what is coming over the course of the next year. It is one of the most exciting events for forward-thinking educators and those within the tech industry. With the show wrapped up for another year, what were the biggest innovations to come out of the 2020 event?Revolutionising marking workAny educator will tell you that marking work is the bane of their existence. It takes up a large portion of time that could be spent on more important areas. Tu...

Bett show — what can we expect from the London event?

Coming so soon after CES is always a challenge for the Bett education technology trade show. Although Bett is aimed at a slightly different demographic, the sheer scale of CES means that the former loses out on some of the big reveals within the industry. This is a slightly unfair situation because although Bett does not attract the industry names that CES is known for, it is just as important to the AV industry — and in some ways even more so. With all said, we have put together a previe...

A look ahead to the big new releases coming into the industry in 2020

2019 was a great year for the AV industry. It offered consumers plenty of new technology to play with while also improving on the technology that was already there. With the big shows of the year coming thick and fast now is the time to see what has been shown off so far that could be big over the course of the year. So, what do we expect to be big in 2020? While there are a large number of releases coming out over the course of 2020, these two are the biggest ones that have been announced at t...

Which AV installation option will suit you best?

Choosing how you want your AV installation to be carried out is massively important. If you choose the wrong one, then it will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Because of this, it is vital that you do your research first in order to get the right AV installation for your home or business. What should you be looking out for?A single rackMost AV systems will utilise a single rack for all media devices, mixers and other relevant devices. This allows everything to be kept close, and f...

CES trade show — what new technologies impressed the most?

With a massive amount of new tech on show to consumers at CES 2020, it is difficult to take in everything that is on offer. With that in mind, we have put together a shortlist of what we think was the most impressive new tech that was displayed at the show this year. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FoldFolding screens are in right now. So many different companies seem to be trying to push forward with folding screens in order to grab the attention of customers all over the world. Lenovo has stolen a march o...

CES trade show — top talking points

With CES over and done with for another year, we can take a look at some of the biggest announcements that came out of the flagship tech show. PS5 logoAlthough it was a relatively small-fry announcement, it still grabbed a lot of attention. The simplistic nature of the new PS5 logo got people talking all over the world of tech. Twitter exploded at how similar the logo was to both the PS4 and PS3 logos. Despite the simple nature of the logo, it still got a lot of social media traction for Sony, ...

If you’re looking to have AV installed for the first time, here’s everything you need to know

There is a wide range of different aspects that you will have to focus on when it comes to getting AV installed. Because it is such a wide and varied topic, we are just going to cover the most important aspects for you in order to make it easier for you to get the right set-up for your needs. Know your media deviceThe world has moved on from VHS players, DVD players and even Blu-ray players. In the modern world, streaming is one of the most popular methods of viewing media and looks likely to b...

CES2020 – What to expect from the biggest trade show in the World

CES has been at the forefront of the in-home technology industry for more than 50 years. Entering into its seventh decade of existence, there is a lot of buzz around the consumer technology world about what can be expected from this year’s offering from the former Consumer Electronics Show. 5G phones5G is the latest communication tech to step into the mobile phone world. It is essentially the logical progression from 3G and 4G, but not all phones are able to take advantage of it. There ar...

The leap to HDMI 2.1 for AV - What is HDMI2.1?

In this post, we explain everything you need to know about the latest HDMI specification; HDMI 2.1. After explaining exactly what HDMI 2.1 does, we review its main features and take a look at the latest HDMI news from around the world. What does HDMI 2.1 do?You may have already heard about HDMI 2.1 Providing support for mega resolutions of up to 10k, along with having a new cable, this latest update of the HDMI specification brings a huge range of new features, and best of all, better bandwidth...

What is an Ethernet cable?

Given how the world works today, connections between devices or setting up networks, are really important tasks. However, where the real question lies is what cable best suits the network. Ethernet cables are one of the most feasible and reliable solutions!What is Ethernet?Since 1982, ethernet has been the way forward as it became standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Since then, Ethernet has been used to connect a network of computers or to connect other...

4K Aspects of HDMI Cables

The rapid rate at which television technology has evolved has allowed us to watch things on persistently improving resolutions. Recent developments have yet again evolved television to give us 4K Technology, which bypasses 1080P resolution to provide us with clearer, sharper images.Importance of 4K Technologies with respect to its CounterpartsYour average 1080P HD TV allows for a resolution of only 1920 x 1080 pixels, on the contrary, 4K Ultra HD technologies consist of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This...

How to plan your Network Infrastructure

Getting network infrastructure right can be a tricky ask if you’re doing so for the first time. As with anything in life, getting a solid plan together can help make things that little bit easier.

Caring for your batteries with proper charging

Anybody with a decent selection of personal devices will know the importance of keeping them charged. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting that pop up saying ‘connect to charger now’ when you’re in the middle of something, or perhaps a long way home.

Equipping your premises for USB charging

In today’s age of technological advancement, devices are everywhere. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or something else designed to make us all the more connected, it’s rare you go a long time without seeing one.

Why choose a premium HDMI cable?

It’s fair to say that technology has progressed at an astonishing rate in recent times. Each year, new advances are made and things must move with the times.

What are Transformers and Do I need them?

If your mains voltage is not right for the device or product you are using, there could be problems afoot. Using a product or appliance that is connected to a mains voltage that is too low could negatively impact its operability and prevent you from using it.

What is USB 3.1 and what can it do for you?

The USB 3.1 standard has become increasingly commonplace on devices and computers globally. First released in July 2013, this standard took over from USB 3.0, making things faster for users and increasing the maximum data signalling rate.

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