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Wall Plates

Wall Plates

Wall plates are a great way to hide the cables between devices in your home, for an uncluttered, modern look. Routing wires through the walls creates a smart finish, stops people tripping over them and prevents them gathering dust. Wall-mounted HDTVs particularly benefit from hidden cables, as they are often a focal point in the room and need a clean, blank wall surrounding them. With more and more electrical devices finding their way into our homes, wall plates are incredibly useful.

We have a huge range of plates, including loaded designs with inputs built in, fully assembled versions with cables attached and blank plates ready for soldering. We use a range of materials, including stainless steel, to produce some of the most attractive designs available on the internet.

Our fantastic range of projector wall plates and faceplates are ideal for projectors from manufactures such as Panasonic, Sony, BenQ, NEC, Acer, Casio, Canon, Epson, Hitachi, Viewsonic, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Vivitek and Infocus.

Our HDMI plates are among our most popular products – hardly surprising considering HDMI has become the standard connection between devices such as HDTVs, games consoles and set-top boxes. For digital quality, HDMI is great. If you have high definition on the screen, you most certainly won’t want a tangle of cables behind it. We also offer euro modules for extra flexibility and projector plates.

As cabling specialists, we regularly produce wall plates with around 200 different combinations of connectors and couplers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can manufacture bespoke wall plates designed to your exact specifications. Contact us for more details.