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Our SVGA wall plates our ideal for providing SVGA or VGA connections in your home, school or office in a way that perpetuates a smart, modern impression. Our products hide cables from sight to leave just the connection port you require easily accessible. This removes the unwanted hassle of untangling reams of wires, and can make the room a safer place to be.

We manufacture various SVGA wall plates suitable for connecting a SVGA monitor lead including; terminal wall plates, inline coupler wall plates, coupler wall plates (with a short fly lead), and wall plates with a cable attached. We can offer single or double gang versions, which come supplied with the relevant screws. All these products can be fitted into standard UK back boxes.

Our screw terminal SVGA wall plates come with either a horizontal or vertical fitting and in a variety of colours (white, black and grey).

If you can’t find what you need here, get in touch. We manufacture bespoke products and can create a wall plate to match your requirements.