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Toslink Optical

Toslink Optical

Toslink cables, or optical audio cables as they are sometimes refer as are generally used for consumer audio equipment. These cables are used for Mini disc, DVD players, modern gaming consoles and DAT recorders that have an digital optical socket for transferring and decoding the audio signal to an AV receiver.

Euronetwork have a variety of different plug to plug Toslink cables that have a diameter 4mm and 5mm. We also have a range of Toslink component video all in various lengths.

HDMI and SVGA cables.

Euronetwork manufacture, assemble and stock cables, power leads, wall plates and faceplates. We also assemble and test Clip-In Euro Modules and Cable  Assemblies in the UK.  Our huge range of power cords and audio visual connections include HDMI, Fibre, Networking, SVGA, 3.5mm, USB A, Satellite, USB B, TV, Serial and RCA phonos. 

If you cannot find what you require or would like to find out more about bulk prices, for your AV installation please contact a member of our sales team on 01908371909 or alternatively email us at sales@euronetwork.co.uk.