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From mobile phones to digital cameras, USB cables are vital for transferring information to and from your PC, and with the new 3.0 standard, USB is faster than ever.

USB Cables

We have cables to meet all standards: USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0. The new ‘SuperSpeed’ cables are great for providing quick data transfer for modern devices, while the older standards are fine if your equipment isn’t compatible with USB 3.0.

We also supply all types of connector, from the standard flat USB A plug to the squarer USB B, plus Mini and Micro B cables. Some of our leads have gold contacts for a reliable connection and are available in a choice of colours, including white, beige, black and blue.

USB Adapters and Converters

If you already have a cable but it has the wrong connector type, you can buy an adaptor. Male to male, male to female and female to female version are available, with various combinations of connector size. You can even adapt your old serial, PS/2 or parallel printer cable to USB with a simple converter.

USB switches

These allow you to share a device between several computers – perfect if you have a single printer but several people in the house or office need to use it. We have both manual and automatic versions, with two or four connections.

USB hubs

A USB hub is the opposite of a switch. Rather than allowing you to connect several PCs to one device, a hub allows you to connect multiple devices to a single USB port. This is perfect if you have a net book with few USB ports, or you simple have a lot of electronic equipment you want to use at once.

We also have card readers, repeater cables and PCI cards.