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USB 2.0 Panel Mount

USB 2.0 Panel Mount

Euronetwork have a wide range of panel mount USB cables, type A and USB type B.  These panel mounted cables are ideal if you are looking to attached any of these cables onto a faceplate, wall outlet or a mounted unit.

Our range of USB panel mounts include A to A, B to B and A to B. As Euronetwork are a manufacturer if you require an USB connection that isn’t on the standard cables, we are able to change the ends from male to female or vice versa.  So whether your installation is for a home cinema projector and sound system, laptop connection for a business meeting room or a school interactive whiteboard our panel mounted USB cables are ideal for you. 

We can also supply the complete euro module and frame or faceplate complete with a back box for your installation.

If you require a bespoke version or cannot find what you are looking for, please email us sales@euronetwork.co.uk or speak to someone in our sales team on 01908371909.