Travel Plugs

If you are a UK resident who regularly holidays in Europe, you may have brought back items that are unfortunately not compatible with UK plugs.

Similarly, if you are a company that deals in exporting, importing or manufacturing electrical goods between Europe and the UK, it can be massively helpful to have an item that can enable products to work once in the UK.

At Euronetwork, we offer a fine range of BSI approved European to UK converter plugs, allowing users to easily and safely attach items to the mains.

Alternatively, these items can be used by companies who are looking to explore secondary markets for their products. So if the decision has been taken to sell overseas or you simply have excess stock, a Euro to UK converter plug from Euronetwork can be very advantageous.

Our range includes many designs that are semi-permanent, and attach to the original plug with a screw fixing. This makes using our converter plugs straightforward, safe and reliable.

We offer converter plugs for a range of countries, so be sure to browse our selection and find exactly what you’re looking for with Euronetwork today.

Our team of experts are happy to help in any way we can, so feel free to give us a call on +44 1908 371909 or drop us an email at

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