EuroNetwork specialises in manufacturing cable and wire harnesses alongside bespoke wire assembly, panel wiring harnesses, wiring looms, control cables and more. Our decades of experience have allowed us to manufacture economical wire harness and cable harness solutions that are of prime quality.
Our Specialisation
Electronic wire harnesses are an extremely common yet necessary component in most devices and applications. Instead of leaving wires loose using a wire or cable harness binds wires together, strengthening them and protecting them from abrasion.

Due to this custom wire assemblies have a demand existent in multiple industries. EuroNetwork is there to fulfil the demands of all industries to the best of our abilities. Our dedication to ensuring the quality of our products is what makes us the leading custom wire assembly manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke wire assemblies and our huge range of crimp tools onsite, have enabled us to have our custom wire assemblies tailor-made in accordance with requirements.

This is important since different applications of wire assemblies require different modifications and EuroNetwork has the capability of performing all those modifications.

Our industrial experience is branched into a number of different wire assembly types, which include but are not limited to;

•    Control wiring harnesses
•    Multi-conductor cable harnesses
•    Power wiring harnesses and looms
•    Battery wiring harnesses
•    Panel wiring harnesses
Testing Procedures
The quality and durability of the products that EuroNetwork manufactures is maintained by strict testing procedures that cannot be bypassed under any circumstances. A number of checks take place during the process of manufacturing. These tests include but are not limited to;

•    Using digital micrometres to measure crimping heights. This test is important to ensure good conductivity of control cables for instance.
•    Wire Crimp Pull testing to ensure a high mechanical strength of our bespoke wire assemblies .
•    Continuity and Insinuation tests; which both test the resistance of our custom wire assemblies to ensure the desired resistance level in them.
•    Multiple required safety tests, for instance, the ground bond test.

All these tests ensure that the quality of our product is as promised, up to the mark and they meet the required safety standards to ensure your protection.

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