Question:            I'm looking for legally certified UK adapter plugs for my products that have European plugs and require to be adapted to UK 3 pin?          

Answer:               All of our Euro to UK plug adapters are BSI certified and legally meet the UK requirements.


Question:            I can see various Euro to UK adapters, how do I know which one is right for me?

Answer:              The differences varies between how they closed over the European plug and the shape presented on the bottom of the plug once it has been secured, which generally varies between diamond and rectangle shape.


Question:            Why are some adapter plugs bigger than others?             

Answer:               European products, generally whit goods may have larger amperage than 5amp, i.e 10a and 13a, if so you will find a bigger plug on your electrical good/s, this is commonly called a Schuko plug and the moulding around the two pins is larger than a small amperage plug such as 3 or 5 amp.


Question:            Can I use Euro to UK travel adapter to sell my electrical products in the UK instead of converter plugs?               

Answer:               The current legal requirements for selling electrical products in the UK is for that product to have a secure screw down connection UK plug. All our Euro to UK converter plugs have this type of connection and BSI certification. Travel plugs do not have a screw down type connection, so the product is not secure, therefore they cannot be used as an alternative.

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