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When it comes to audio visual cables in the home or in the workplace, keeping these unsighty leads out of sight is a huge benefit.

At Euronetwork, we have a fine selection of HDMI wall plates that offer a neat and tidy plug and play solution without the need for any soldering or engineer to connect the cables together. 

The vast majority of the technological equipment found in the ordinary household today has a variety of AV connections. Everything from gaming consoles such as XBOXs and Playstations through to flat TV screens and plasma televisions, home cinemas and set top boxes, desktop and notebook PC's and Virtual reality will most probably have at least one HDMI connection.

At Euronetwork, we stock a wide variety of faceplates that interconnect with AV cables that can enable you to get the most out of your technology without messy untidy cables in view.

If you have any questions for our team, feel free to contact us on +44 1908 371909. You can also register for an account with Euronetwork today.

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