We have been manufacturing and supplying electrical power components for over 30 years. Due to our consistent production our customers trust us to provide them with the highest quality of services and solutions. The quality of the panel wiring, is reflected in the increase in our customer base. 
Services tailored to your needs
We have versatile manufacturing capabilities that allow us to manufacture custom panel wiring that fits your specifications. Our highly competent engineers make sure that the panel wiring we manufacture is satisfactory for our customers. 

Since different structures, projects and architectures require different kinds of panel wiring our staff are trained to manufacture all panel wirings with the same efficiency. The different industries that utilise our electrical components are but not limited to:

•    Medical
•    Security
•    Housing
•    Air Conditioning and Ventilation
•    Noise Measuring
Rigorous testing procedures
Ensuring the quality of our custom panel wires is not a simple task. If the panel wires are faulty and have not been manufactured with delicacy, there might be issues with its quality and safety. In order to ensure the quality and safe use of our panel wires we rigorously test, during the manufacturing process. 

These tests are conducted by the top of the line inspection tools that are always successful in pointing out a fault,if there is one. These tests include but are not limited to:

•    Insulation testers to test the insulation features of our wires
•    Digital multi-meters to test the voltage, current, resistance and other characteristics of our bespoke panel wires .
•    Infrared cameras and thermometers used to make sure there aren't any faults with regards to the making of the wire.

To discuss your requirement further, please contact our sales team.

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