Cable labelling is the main way in which businesses communicate product information to their customers. It is important that the labels are designed in a way that they offer maximum assistance to the user on the other end.

This is precisely why our labelling services are the ideal choice for customers. We offer wire labels and cable markings that have been through strict testing procedures that ensure their quality. Some of these tests include but are not limited to;

Tests for flame retardant properties
Durability tests
Chemical resistance tests
Tests for strength and wrapping
High-temperature resistance tests

These tests ensure the quality of our wire labels as well as fulfil the safety requirements to make them easy and safe to use. Alongside these specifications, our cable markings are also as clear as day to make them easy to read. They are more flexible which improves accessibility, and the adhesive used on them is tested to withstand harsh environments, so it won't come off. 

We have ensured the UV resistance and the pressure sensitivity of the adhesive we use for our cable labels . Moreover, our wire markings are also approved to be used indoors and outdoors with the occasional exposure to oil or water. This makes them multi-purpose and accessible in all circumstances. 

This is why our labelling services such as wire identification labels, braiding and heat sleeve labelling, and popular flag size labelling are the best choice for you.
Our labelling services include but are not limited to;
Cable and Wire markers
Circuit Board Labels
Component Labeling
General Labeling 
Equipment Identification

Apply Your Own Labels!
To make our services better suited to the wishes of our customers, we allow the customers to choose whether or not they want to apply the labels themselves. We can either print and attach the cable markings to the cables ourselves or give the printed cable labels to the customer to apply it to the cables themselves.
Cable Label Packs
To fulfil the requirements of industry professionals we also provide cable label packs. These labels are specifically designed to be durable and permanent so that they are suited to be used for network labelling and cord making. 

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