A box build consists of all the assembly work done in an electromechanical assembly exclusive of the printed circuit board. Another name for a box build is ‘systems integration.’
Why choose EuroNetwork?
Being in the box build manufacturing industry for over 30 years has allowed us to manufacture high quality yet economical box build assemblies . The manufacturing of box build assemblies can be as simple as putting electronic systems into basic enclosures with interfaces or as complex as systems integration containing thousands of individual components and sub-assemblies. 

Since box build assemblies are tailor-made to fit the requirements of specific projects the process of manufacturing them is intricate. Our experience, however, has allowed us to master the art of manufacturing box build assemblies as per the requirements of your project whatever it may be. Some of the box build assemblies we provide but not limited to are:

•    System-level assembly
•    Product assembly
•    Sub-level product assembly
•    Packaging
•    Labelling 
•    Testing 
•    Software installation 
•    Product configuration
•    Warehousing 
•    Order fulfilment
•    After-market service
•    Repair
Applications of our Box Build Assemblies
Our efforts of providing the highest quality box build assemblies are directed towards a wide range of markets. Having customers come to us from several different sectors including but not limited to the medical sector, catering sector and the telecom industry has built our reputation to be unparalleled in the box build assembly manufacturing business.
Commitment to Quality
The one mantra that runs down the hierarchy here at EuroNetwork is that of manufacturing quality and nothing else. Our services are always suited to the wishes of our customers and their requirements so that anyone who chooses EuroNetwork is nothing but satisfied with our services. We strongly believe that if a service isn’t of the best quality, it isn’t worth paying for.

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