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Why GHDs rock

Truth be known, countless women around the world have suffered more than their fair share of Bad Hair Days. However, in 2001, a handful of hairdressers based in Yorkshire decided to change all that. Fast forward to today, and their brand of ‘ghd’ (for ‘Good Hair Day’) hair-styling devices has become loved across the globe, and the company has achieved not merely iconic but near-cult status among its innumerable devotees

Xbox Series X and Series S: are they everything Microsoft promised?

After what seems like an age (time always seems to pass more slowly when you’re waiting for something good), it’s finally here: the much-anticipated Xbox Series X (along with its smaller, less gutsy, digital-only sibling, the Series S – more on this below) became available for sale internationally from 10th November 2020

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max: get your orders in!

The world, or at least the world of smartphones, might well be divided into two broad camps: those who love the pocket-sized gadget (the more diminutive the better) and those who love generous, expansive screens (the grander the better). Apple has succeeded, we think, in delighting both camps with its latest offerings, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Cool tech for Christmas

Lockdown may be upon us (again), but Christmas is fast approaching. For the many who have come to regard the Season of Goodwill as, additionally, the Season to Buy Some New Tech Gadgets, here’s our review of 10 must-have tech products that won’t break the bank (no one wants to face the Season of the Credit Card Headache in January, after all)

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