What are Premium Certified HDMI cables?

Premium Certified HDMI cables are a specific category of HDMI cables that have been tested and certified by the HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. (HDMI LA) to meet certain performance and reliability standards

The benefits of USB-C

USB-C, also known as USB Type-C, is a versatile and widely adopted connectivity standard that offers a range of benefits

What are the different types of HDMI cables?

HDMI cables come in various types and categories, including passive HDMI cables, active HDMI cables, and AOC (Active Optical Cable) HDMI cables. Each type has its own characteristics and is suitable for different purposes:

What is USB4?

USB4 is the next generation of USB, superseding USB Type-C. To the advantages of improved bandwidth and hugely faster data transfer speeds, additional Power Delivery, the super-brawny data transfer tech derived from Thunderbolt 3

Approved distributor of SPEEDYRJ45 connector range

The SPEEDY RJ45 range makes terminations easier and simpler. Designed to simplify twisted-pair terminations by allowing the wire pairs to be easily inserted through the plug and pass-through out of the front, the wiring order is checked, and then the crimp tool crimps and trims the excess cores. The inner core “twist” is maintained more easily by the pass-through design enabling a better performing crimp and resulting in less waste of time and/or materials

Why GHDs rock

Truth be known, countless women around the world have suffered more than their fair share of Bad Hair Days. However, in 2001, a handful of hairdressers based in Yorkshire decided to change all that. Fast forward to today, and their brand of ‘ghd’ (for ‘Good Hair Day’) hair-styling devices has become loved across the globe, and the company has achieved not merely iconic but near-cult status among its innumerable devotees

Xbox Series X and Series S: are they everything Microsoft promised?

After what seems like an age (time always seems to pass more slowly when you’re waiting for something good), it’s finally here: the much-anticipated Xbox Series X (along with its smaller, less gutsy, digital-only sibling, the Series S – more on this below) became available for sale internationally from 10th November 2020

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max: get your orders in!

The world, or at least the world of smartphones, might well be divided into two broad camps: those who love the pocket-sized gadget (the more diminutive the better) and those who love generous, expansive screens (the grander the better). Apple has succeeded, we think, in delighting both camps with its latest offerings, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Cool tech for Christmas

Lockdown may be upon us (again), but Christmas is fast approaching. For the many who have come to regard the Season of Goodwill as, additionally, the Season to Buy Some New Tech Gadgets, here’s our review of 10 must-have tech products that won’t break the bank (no one wants to face the Season of the Credit Card Headache in January, after all)

Back to Zoom

With governments across the world still battling to limit the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19, periodic lockdowns may be here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future – all of which is prompting innovators in business and elsewhere to devise new methods of keeping commerce and work flowing. Today, more than ever, this rests much of the time on enabling teams of people to go on collaborating together on projects, even though lockdowns prevent them from meeting under the same roof

Business on the go – more on remote teamworking

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 upon businesses looks set to have lasting consequences, not the least of which has been the necessity (the fabled mother of invention) for devising novel methods of remote working. In these extraordinary conditions, remote working has been the key to survival – a key that has required teams, clients, managers and stakeholders to remain in easy communication with one another through communications technology

USB-C: what is it?

In a nutshell, it has fast become the dominant industry standard for charging the full gamut of computing devices and transferring data. The older USB standards – USB-A, 1, 2 and 3 – have now been superseded by the second-generation USB 3.1 data-transfer standard of most new USB-C ports

Flexible working for parents – how to increase your productivity

One of the things that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that necessity really is the mother of invention. Many businesses and organisations faced the prospect of oblivion during the lockdowns that were introduced to curb the spread of the virus. However, that very problem encouraged the creation of distance-learning solutions for students and home-working solutions for adults, thanks to the interconnectivity afforded by the internet

High-end audio for music lovers

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made leaving your home an unpleasant business (few of us like wearing those face muzzles while we walk through shopping centres and department stores), it has made it a wonderful time to listen to the music you love. This, in turn, means that it’s also a great time to tweak up your audio equipment

Highlights of September’s Apple event

The Apple September Event finally took place on the 15th, ending months of speculation as to what it would bring. It’s known to be the occasion for announcing new iPhones, but surprisingly no such confirmations appeared on the day. It did, however, contain some exciting new developments, with upcoming iPads and Apple Watches taking centre stage. Apple watchers are likely to get a new phone announcement in October. As for the September Event, here’s a quick breakdown of the highlights

Setting up a cash-free business? Tips for going virtual

The coronavirus pandemic has had far-reaching consequences, not the least of which was the near toppling of cash from its conventional status as king of transactions. Cashless transactions have undoubtedly accelerated at a frenetic pace, as efforts to contain the spread of the virus included fears that coins and notes could be common avenues of contagion

Staycationing this year? Why you will need a multi-plug extension lead

As people began to adapt to the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020 with its travel bans and social distancing requirements, many began to rethink their plans for a traditional holiday abroad. Necessity being the mother of invention, the ‘staycation’ began to gain traction, with rising numbers of intrepid folk opting for caravan and boating holidays in the UK, not to mention ‘glamping’ vacations and stays in beautiful rustic lodges or highly recommended Airbnb locations

Apple’s first ARM Mac may be here sooner than expected

Keen Apple watchers will be aware that CEO Tim Cook took to the company’s Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) stage floor in June 2020 to announce a historic move toward using its own ARM-powered silicon in future Macs. Now, we’re beginning to see what models will be included in this shift

What is Twitch Studio? Getting Started with Live Broadcasting

Until recently, if you wanted to have a pop at live streaming your own video content, you would need to use ingenious but hard-to-learn Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). OBS, being open source software for video recording and live streaming, has the advantage of being free of charge – but it comes with a drawback: setting it up is more than a little intimidating

Is it time to buy a new surge protector?

While it’s true that electricity and water are two entities that shouldn’t be mixed, they behave in similar ways in one important respect. Both follow the path of least resistance, flowing from high-pressure areas to lower-pressure areas

How to design a smart home

Anyone who has embarked on a home renovation project will be aware that one of the most important considerations for what the upgraded home will look like and how it will function is a well-planned, in-wall electrical cabling outlay. Meanwhile, those looking for a new home, who want to spare themselves the labour of renovation, see the level of electrical installation in the property as a key selling point

London’s wireless EV charging pilot project

Groundbreaking new ‘flat and flush’ wireless charging units for electrical vehicles (EVs) using induction pads instead of cables are to be piloted in residential streets, taxi ranks and car parks throughout the UK during 2020. The move makes the prospect of driverless cars appearing on the streets of London by 2021 a real possibility

Know your Schuko rewireable plugs

‘Schuko’ is the standard type of AC plug used across the European mainland continent and is known for its high safety standards. It’s a registered trademark deriving from the German word Schutzkontakt, which simply means ‘protective contact’ or ‘safe contact’

Has COVID-19 changed education forever?

The COVID-19 pandemic saw governments around the world, including the UK’s, taking the unprecedented step of closing schools, colleges and universities to try to limit the spread of the virus. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that more than a billion children were affected worldwide by these policies

As ‘air bridges’ open up, what holiday essentials do you still need?

After months of lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic, the government announced on 10th July that travel restrictions to a sizeable list of countries for people resident in England would be lifted (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own overseas travel arrangements). In effect, for approved countries with relatively low rates of infection, ‘air bridges’ now exist between them and the UK, providing quarantine-free travel

Huge growth predicted for the European HVAC cables industry

The European market for specialised High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) cables is projected to surpass an installation-per-year level of 500km by 2026. The industry is being propelled by the drive to refurbish and replace the conventional electricity network across Europe and integrate inter-regional transmission networks

How to: rewiring a UK plug

Sooner or later, most people need to learn how to rewire a UK plug. The wires inside a plug can come loose through constant usage. While that is occasionally frustrating (as in, your appliance won’t work), it can also be dangerous

Keep your digital transformation moving forwards

There is a famous adage of unproven origin that holds that “necessity is the mother of invention.” And there are good reasons for keeping this phrase in mind as we try to move through the crisis occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic

Facebook invests in more VR developers

Facebook’s Virtual Reality (VR) wing, Oculus Studios, has continued its recent gaming developer acquisition spree by buying up Ready at Dawn Studios. The studio is the talent behind some of the most popular and vivid VR titles on the market today, courtesy of its unique “zero-g” continuous locomotion system and “full-body IK” (inverse kinematics) technology

What to expect from the new PlayStation Five

Scheduled for release in late 2020 just in time for the Festive Season, we’re still in the dark about some of the secrets Sony is packing into its eagerly-awaited PlayStation 5 console - the first new iteration of the gaming device in seven years. But we do know some things

The risks with faulty IEC sockets

While the more tech-minded will be aware what an IEC socket is, those looking for a replacement power connector for an electrical appliance might benefit from a brief explanatory description

Travel air bridges and European travel

To maintain its efforts to limit infection routes for the COVID-19 virus, the British government has imposed international quarantine rules affecting overseas travel, which came into effect on 8th June. But for those of us who either must travel beyond national borders for work purposes or who simply need a vacation in sunnier climes, there’s a welcome zone of freedom amid the restrictions: air bridges

Walthamstow rental scheme achieves gold standard for digital connectivity

The leading real assets management firm LGIM Real Assets (a subsidiary of Legal & General) has revealed that its new 479-home Build-to-Rent development in Walthamstow, Blackhorse Mills, has become the first residential project to be awarded a coveted Gold certification from WiredScore, the prestigious international real estate rating body

Why is Apple depending more on mini USB cables?

While it’s true that Apple appears to have ditched its earlier plans to replace its famous Lightning connector with the now-ubiquitous mini-USB (sometimes called Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C) on forthcoming iterations of its flagship iPhone, it certainly isn’t true of a range of other new products from the tech giant that are running the iOS operating system

How has social distancing transformed distance learning?

There are occasions in which a horrible crisis can yield hitherto unexpected and lasting benefits - and it seems as though the COVID-19 pandemic has already begun to do so by forcing an innovative rethink about the place of online distance learning in educational establishments

See the world from the comfort of your home

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only upended millions of people’s working lives, but it has also put paid to those other so-called ‘non-essential’ dimensions of life – such as comedy nights at the local, pub quizzes, holidays abroad, and attending much-anticipated big-name social events such as concerts. Or has it

How will Facebook's cable transform Africa?

In recent weeks, social media tech giant Facebook has announced that it is commencing a gigantic new ‘2Africa’ project to build a 37,000km (23,000-mile) undersea cable encircling the perimeter of Africa, which will deliver fast internet services to 16 of the continent’s countries

Beat the lockdown – how tech can help you to stay social

It has taken the COVID-19 pandemic and the home confinement it has brought for many of us to discover that while social media platforms are compulsively engaging, we really are social beings, after all – beings who yearn for real human camaraderie and a change of scene from our own living rooms when we’re deprived of both for extended periods

Issues with your audio on conference calls?

It’s fair to say that for a significant proportion of people required to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, the prospect may initially have seemed enticing. But a crucial tool in being able to continue with working from home today is the internet – and not many of us have the technical IT know-how needed to sort out glitches when they arise. If they strike just as you’re about to embark on a carefully planned conference call with colleagues, it can present a real problem

8K HDMI cables – what you need to know

New-generation 8K resolution TVs and video displays aren’t available yet, but they’re definitely coming. If you’re eager to become an early user of this advanced high-res technology, you need to know about the cables you’re going to require to link your set to your upcoming 8K digital streaming boxes, cable satellite, games consoles and Blu-ray players if you want to enjoy the stunning new visual quality at its best

4K HDMI cables – what you need to know

You’ve just purchased a spectacular Ultra-High-Definition ‘4K’ television – but what cable do you need to connect your game console, your cable TV set-top box or HD-capable satellite, or your Blu-ray player without sacrificing any of that glorious picture quality you’re looking forward to enjoying

How to decide which AV cable is right for you

Anyone looking for an audio and video (AV) cable to get started with a new set-top box for the TV, a new music system or a gaming console will rapidly find that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ option. We’re here to help you find exactly what kind you need for your specific devices

4K Aspects of HDMI Cables

The rapid rate at which television technology has evolved has allowed us to watch things on persistently improving resolutions. Recent developments have yet again evolved television to give us 4K Technology, which bypasses 1080P resolution to provide us with clearer, sharper images

Delivering a True 4K Cabling Experience to our Customers

Looking to find out more about 4K cabling and find out the extent of the benefits available? At Euronetwork we have the expertise to answer your questions. We’ve put together this helpful blog to shed light on 4K cabling and allow you to enjoy this technology to its fullest extent

How to plan your Network Infrastructure

Getting all the components right for your network can be a tough ask. To help, we’ve outlined some of the important factors to consider and helped point you in the direction of some handy products you might require if setting a network up yourself. Take a look

Caring for your batteries with proper charging

Devices have become an important part of modern life. But in order to keep them operating as desired, it’s important to ensure that batteries are looked after and charged properly. Euronetwork offers this handy guide to keeping batteries working

Equipping your premises for USB charging

The vast majority of today’s devices are chargeable using a USB connection. That’s why for businesses, having USB charging systems in place is such a good idea, as the devices your workers have can be easily charged and used to benefit your organisation. Read more on the Euronetwork blog

Why choose a premium HDMI cable?

We specialise in high-quality products at Euronetwork, and one such offering is our selection of premium HDMI cables. So if you’re looking for the highest levels of connection and streaming, this type of product could work for you. Take a look at our blog to find out more

Creating your perfect streaming setup

Whether you’re looking to stream great film or television content, or want to set up a top level gaming system, having the right cables and connectors at your disposal is a must. At Euronetwork, we offer a fine selection of products that can meet your needs. Take a look through our streaming guide

What are Transformers and Do I need them?

Voltage transformers can help you use appliances in a range of countries without risking underpowering or overpowering. We stock step up and step down options, so familiarise yourself with transformers and find what you might need today at Euronetwork

What is USB 3.1 and what can it do for you?

USB 3.1 is an increasingly common standard on devices and computers around the world, delivering faster transfer rates and improved data encoding. Why might a USB 3.1 cable or compatible device be of interest for you? Take a look through our blog and find out

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