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Having a panel mounted television or screen can help bring content into a room in a new way, giving a great visual and audio experience.

This way of displaying content is widely used in education and retail, as well as in the home or workplace.

By buying panel mount cables from Euronetwork, you can connect various connections to items such as cabinets, racks, faceplates, wall plates and prepared mounted units.

Euronetwork’s range includes HDMI panel mount cables. These are a very popular choice and are ideal for mounting to wall plates, euro modules and other panel mounted surfaces.

There are also SVGA Panel Mount Cables available within our range. These are male to female and can be attached within cabinets or panels for a connection between a sender and receiver.

Audio panel mount cables are perfect for connecting AV devices from the female panel mounted end into a speaker, while Euronetwork’s array of DisplayPort Panel Mount Cables are perfect for connecting VR headsets, monitors and other computer equipment into AV senders via a wall, floor, cabinet or mounted panel.

Be sure to take a look through our full range of panel mount cables and find the right buy for your needs. You can stock up easily and get excellent AV equipment at great low prices from Euronetwork today.

You can also sign up for an account with Euronetwork today, and if you have any questions about our product range, get in touch on +44 1908 371909 or drop us an email at

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