EuroNetwork manufactures bespoke network cables that are capable of providing a fast, powerful and reliable signal delivery. Our Ethernet cables are designed to meet your networking requirements and provide for you a fast and reliable connection. 
Using the RJ45 Ethernet jack , our Ethernet cables have connectors that fit them perfectly. The custom ethernet cables we provide are:


The Cat6A Ethernet cables we manufacture support bandwidth frequencies of up to 500 MHz, which is twice the amount of a Cat6 cable. It also supports 10Gbps just like the Cat6 cable. This makes it the top of the line Ethernet cable that will fulfil all your networking requirements.
We can manufacture premium quality bespoke network cables from Cat5e Ethernet cables to Cat6 and Cat6a Ethernet cables. These patch leads are manufactured to order in our UK workshop to suit your exact specifications.
Cable Specifications
Assembled with premium copper, our custom ethernet cables , for instance, the Cat5e and Cat6a Ethernet cables can be tailor-made to fit your needs. They are manufactured in a way that allows them to be shielded or unshielded, with stranded or solid cable. Furthermore, they are finished with strain reliefs, if required for safety purposes. 

Our Ethernet cables are tested for cable conformity, quality and functionality. The RJ45 Ethernet connector we use enhances the quality of these ethernet cables. We can manufacture multiple ethernet cable types including short ethernet cables and custom PC cables

These cables are manufactured as per your required specifications, be it any colour, length or specification and pin-configuration. 
Installation Specifications
To increase the accessibility and consequently the quality of our services we manufacture ethernet cables as per your requirements in terms of the area you are using these cables in. EuroNetwork caters to customers that require bespoke network cables running under floors, via wall ducts and inside networking rooms within the Finance, Retail and IT sector. 

This makes the services of EuroNetwork unique and unparalleled as we tailor our products as per the customer requirements. The satisfaction we provide to our customers is what makes them trust us for long-term working relationships.

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