Toslink Optical Cable

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The optical cable works with all devices that have optical outputs and inputs and use the SPDIF/TOSlink connector. Ideal for digital audio connections between DVD, PS2, PS3, XBOX, digi box, Sky+, Sky HD and amplifiers or televisions etc

1 Metre Digital optical (also known as Toslink) connection is a fibre-optic connection that is used for transferring digital audio signals, such as Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM. Uses include the connection of digital home cinema, games consoles such as PS2 and PS3, Blu-Ray, CD players and other quality hi-fi equipment to an AV receiver or Surround Sound Amp. Dolby and DTS connections are suited to the use of optical cables. Easy installation of a digital cable can provide un-rivalled home cinema sound through a compatible AV system.

  • TOSlink Plug to TOSlink Plug
  • Standard TOSlink connectors on each end
  • 24K Gold Contacts
  • Flexible Cable (not brittle)
  • Cable diameter: 5mm for low transmission losses
  • Fibre optic cable for digital data transfers
  • Ideal for MD, DVD, CD, and PC sound cards

Why Optical?
Fiber optic technology sends data without electricity through a conductor. Instead of electrical signals, modulated light is used to quickly transmit data through an insulated glass Fiber-type material. The signal cannot be disrupted by outside sources, especially electricity which in the form of your AV power cords can cause interference in your standard copper based cable.

Do I need an optical cable to connect my Sky+ or SKY HD system?
Yes! If you have Sky+ or HD and a home cinema system it would be a sin not to connect up the optical output to enjoy Dolby Digital sound (available on selected Movie channels). Even for channels that are not broadcast in DD sound the use of an optical cable and your AV system will provide much better quality than analogue cables such as RCA/phono.

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