CAT 6 UTP Network Cable. 250mhz. 0.25m to 30 Metres

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0.25 Metre CAT6 UTP data network cable

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UTP CAT6 gigabit patch network cable for computing and networking environments.


  • Grey
  • 0.25 Metre
  • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), moulded boots
  • 24AWG x 4P,  CM (UL) CMH E164469-F3ISO/IEC 11801 & EN 50288 & TIA/EIA-563-B.2-1 ETL/3P VERIFIED


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A range of Cat-6 cables designed to support Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps). Engineered to minimize this crosstalk interference, thus improving signal quality and reducing the chances of data errors. Designed to support higher frequencies, up to 250 MHz.


These Cat-6 cables are backward compatible with the older Cat-5, Cat-5e, and Category 3 cable standards. This means you can use Cat-6 cables in networks that have older equipment or cabling infrastructure.


Enhanced Performance: Cat-6 cables are often preferred in environments where high-performance networking is crucial, such as data centers, businesses, and advanced home networks.


Cat-6 cable is an improved and widely used standard for Ethernet and other network applications that demand high performance and reliability. It offers better crosstalk performance, higher frequency support, and is backward compatible with older cable standards, making it a popular choice for modern networking infrastructure.

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