Anybody looking to use European products in other countries needs to be aware that a plug converter may be required to connect them to the mains.

Different places have different plug and socket requirements, so don’t overlook this or you may well be left disappointed.

At Euronetwork, we stock a wide range of converter plugs that can help products and devices be used in different countries, allowing you to get on with things rather than end up feeling frustrated.

Included in our range are converter plugs that convert European plugs into ones suitable for use in the US, China and Japan.

These products are ideal purchases for anybody with a European item that they are taking abroad to one of these countries in the near future.

Additionally, if you are a manufacturer of electrical items and are considering expanding out into more markets with your sales, then buying this type of converter plug in bulk can help you equip your products for different parts of the world and in turn delight your customers.

These products conform to the required standards for each country they are suitable for, and also comply with RoHS standards.

Be aware however that these are not voltage transformers, and you should make sure your product is suitable for use with other mains electricity voltages.

Our team of experts at Euronetwork is happy to offer advice and guidance on purchasing decisions, so feel free to give us a call on +44 1908 371909 or drop us an email at sales@Euronetwork.co.uk.

And if you find yourself frequently purchasing items from us, why not sign up for an account today?

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Earthed European to USA Converter Plug  Black (SAP3)

Earthed European to USA Converter Plug Black (SAP3)


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