Included within Euronetwork’s wide range of converter plugs is Italian to UK models. These plugs can be attached to products with Italian-style plugs and make them suitable for use in the UK.

These are an ideal purchase if you have recently been to Italy and picked up an electrical item that won’t work with UK sockets. The same applies if you’ve been given a gift from Italian shores and want to get it back up and working in the UK. If you need an Italy plug adapter, we can help.

If you are a retailer who has purchased a series of products with Italian plugs as standard, you can buy these Italian to UK converter plugs in bulk from Euronetwork and attach them accordingly. This will allow you to sell these products to consumers in the UK without difficulties, as they will have all they need to get the item up and running in their home.

These items are one of many types of converter plug available from Euronetwork that readies items for use with UK sockets. These include our selection of European plug adapters that act as Euro to UK converter plugs, as well as converter plugs for items from the US, Japan and China.

Please note that these items are not voltage transformers, and that you need to ensure that the product you are using meets the electrical standards of the country you are connecting to the power of. We sell a wide selection of voltage transformers at Euronetwork, so if you require this type of item you’re in the right place.

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Italian to UK Converter Plug Black (ICP3)

Italian to UK Converter Plug Black (ICP3)


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