What are the benefits of wall plates in your home?

Here at EuroNetwork, we would wager that most of our customers very rarely pay any attention to a feature of their home or office that plays a big part in keeping them safe. It’s a little invention that most of us, most of the time, take for granted, only paying attention when it’s time to re-paint the walls or power up a newly-purchased electrical device. We pay attention to them because we sell them, and we take great care to ensure they conform to the highest safety standards. If you’re guessing “wall plates”, you’re correct.


Whether you’re a business wanting to set up a new teleconferencing room or a domestic homeowner setting up a home entertainment room or upgrading your electrical wiring with additional wall sockets, we’re happy to inform you that we supply an excellent range of premium quality, exceptionally safe wall plates to finish any of these projects off in style – and at very reasonable prices.


To take the teleconferencing suite or the home entertainment room as examples. The last thing you need is people tripping over unsightly (and potentially dangerous) audio visual cables lying on the floor. It’s safer and more visually attractive to route the cables through walls and have them terminate safety in a properly designed and safety-tested wall plate.


Our offerings include an extensive range of audio-visual wall plates and faceplates, all of which come either fully assembled with cables attached or as female plug-and-play solder alternatives. Our wall and faceplates are constructed from the finest safety-tested materials (tough, stain-resistant thermoset plastic, impact-resistant thermoplastic nylon for high traffic areas, and attractive metal and stainless steel with a variety of finishes).


We also supply a range of projector wall plates and faceplates. They are fully compatible with the most prestigious and popular projector manufacturers, including; Panasonic, Sony, BenQ, NEC, Acer, Casio, Canon, Epson, Hitachi, Viewsonic, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Vivitek and Infocus.


In the fast-growing age of 4K video technology, we’re helping to meet exploding consumer and business demand for this visually sumptuous equipment with a generous range of HDMI wall plates. They have now become one of our most popular products. That is hardly surprising, given that HDMI is now the standard high-speed connection between sophisticated devices, from set-top boxes to plasma TV screens to uber-powerful new-gen gaming consoles.


The ultimate beneficiary will be you. You’ll end up with a professional-looking teleconferencing / whiteboard suite, or a stylishly classy home entertainment room, free from the ghastly sight of messy cables straddling floors and walls. Our reliably safe, protective and visually attractive wall plates will add a subtle dab of style to your completed project.

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