What is USB 3.1 and what can it do for you?

The USB 3.1 standard has become increasingly commonplace on devices and computers globally. First released in July 2013, this standard took over from USB 3.0, making things faster for users and increasing the maximum data signalling rate.

But how powerful is USB 3.1 and what kind of benefits might you notice by using devices and cables with USB 3.1 in place?

Well, straight off the bat, you’re talking about double the transfer rate of USB 3.0. Ten gigabits a second is what you’re looking at with USB 3.1, while USB 3.0 only had a transfer rate of 5 gigabits per second.

That means that file transfer will be noticeably quicker. USB 3.1 is a stronger option when it comes to downloads and sending large documents, videos or files. Less time waiting around twiddling your thumbs!

Improved data encoding helps increase the efficiency of data transfer as well. This helps bring about high through-put, as well as improved input/output power efficiency.

USB 3.1 is compatible with existing USB 3.0 software stack and device protocols, and can also support Power Delivery 2.0. This means compatible ports can provide as much as 100w of power to devices. This can charge laptops that use the USB-C standard for example.

Pleasingly, USB 3.1 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

USB 3.1 is being supported by more and more devices, allowing consumers to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities on offer.

And USB 3.2 is already starting to rear its head as well, delivering double the gigabits per second rate of USB 3.1. However, USB 3.2 devices are few and far between at present.

We have USB 3.1 Type C to Type A cables that deliver 10 gigabits per second within our range of items at Euronetwork, so you can start to take advantage of faster transfer speeds and more today.

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If you have any questions or enquiries about any of our products, please do get in touch with our team of experts who will be delighted to help.

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