How to plan your Network Infrastructure

Getting network infrastructure right can be a tricky ask if you’re doing so for the first time. As with anything in life, getting a solid plan together can help make things that little bit easier.

So if you’re looking to create an effective, powerful IT network, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you plan your approach and get things right first time.

What is a network infrastructure?

A network infrastructure is essentially the combination of hardware and software that are required to connect devices.

So in a business setting, it’s the network infrastructure that connects the devices across your company. It’s also the network infrastructure that connects your devices to the internet and allows you to send emails to other businesses, so it’s a pretty important thing to get right.

On the hardware side of things, you’re looking at things like computers, laptops and tablets, as well as hubs, routers, printers and switches. Things such as your cabling and phone system would also fall under this bracket.

Software in a network infrastructure context constitutes the services and protocols necessary to enable hardware to connect and work with one another, as well as elements that protect the system at large. Examples would be the operating system you use and the security programmes you operate.

Planning your network infrastructure

When it comes to planning your network infrastructure, there are some important considerations that should be made.

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea of the hardware and software components that are going to comprise your network. What are you dealing with? Be sure to have a thorough understanding of these factors to avoid overlooking anything.

You then need to finalise where these components are going to be located. Additionally, it’s important to understand how these components will be installed and also how they’ll be configured.

Once this is all done, you can start implementing the physical infrastructure – namely putting in place the hardware components of your network. This can be followed by the ‘logical infrastructure’. This is where the software components are installed to help bring about the required connections.

Having the right tools and technology

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