CES trade show — top talking points

With CES over and done with for another year, we can take a look at some of the biggest announcements that came out of the flagship tech show.

PS5 logo

Although it was a relatively small-fry announcement, it still grabbed a lot of attention. The simplistic nature of the new PS5 logo got people talking all over the world of tech. Twitter exploded at how similar the logo was to both the PS4 and PS3 logos. Despite the simple nature of the logo, it still got a lot of social media traction for Sony, which means that it was a success for the brand.

Samsung goes to the next level of HD

Although it was not a surprise, as it was announced by the Korean arm of Samsung before the show, the reveal of the Samsung bezel-free 8k TV was still hugely impressive. The TV itself is a QLED model and offers a 99% screen-to-body ratio. It is said to be incredibly thin, just 1.5cm deep, and offers an improved AI model inside in order to carry out upscaling.

This new TV announcement makes it the highest amount of screen-to-body available while still offering one of the most advanced HD performances on the planet. Samsung has also announced future plans to integrate its Samsung health platform into the TV in order to try to increase the wellness of its users. This will not be available upon release, but could be offered in the near future.

Dolby moves with the times to stay relevant

After bringing surround sound to the mainstream years ago, Dolby has almost blended into the shadows of the world in recent years. It changed that at this year’s CES though with the announcement of Dolby Vision IQ. Instead of revolutionising the sound industry, Dolby is this time taking a stab at the visual industry.

Dolby Vision IQ is a built-in piece of software that will be available on top of the live TVs. The aim of the software is to use sensors to check the light conditions in the room where the TV is being watched and then alter the settings to make sure that the most accurate picture possible is on show. Dolby Vision IQ is actually an update of Dolby Vision, but the use of metadata within the program means that it will become easier to use and is expected to outperform the new range of learning AI that is coming onto the market.

Samsung offers a TV to cater to the social media generation

With TikTok taking over the social media world with the younger generation, it comes as a surprise that Samsung seems to be the only company that is trying to cater to them. Its Sero TV is available in Asian countries and includes a feature that rotates it into portrait position in order to better view phone-based social media platforms.

At CES 2020, it was announced that the model would be coming to Western audiences, which means that Samsung can capitalise on the popularity of social media and sell its products to a market that is beginning to move away from TV-based entertainment.

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