CES trade show — what new technologies impressed the most?

With a massive amount of new tech on show to consumers at CES 2020, it is difficult to take in everything that is on offer. With that in mind, we have put together a shortlist of what we think was the most impressive new tech that was displayed at the show this year.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Folding screens are in right now. So many different companies seem to be trying to push forward with folding screens in order to grab the attention of customers all over the world. Lenovo has stolen a march on everyone with its ThinkPad X1 Fold. With a lot of folding screens causing huge issues upon their release over the last year, there is a lot of scepticism about the X1 Fold.

However, Lenovo has done more than most to assuage those fears. The company has been working on the X1 Fold for almost five years, and this latest version, which has a release date and spec sheet, is a massively upgraded version of the prototype that was on show at CES 2019. As one of the first companies to release a workable and durable folding screen, it could see Lenovo moving to the front of the market in regard to this particular new technology.

What makes this even more impressive is that Lenovo intends to link up with Microsoft to offer the X1 Fold as one of the first computers to utilise the dual-screen OS that Microsoft has developed. The X1 Fold is highly impressive and could see a big influx of customers moving towards the company.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Computer monitors often go under the radar at CES. However, this monitor is particularly special. Samsung has released a monitor that completely matches the curvature of the human eye in the Odyssey G9. It means that the view from the screen will be perfect and match up to how your eye sees.

It also has fantastic spec, which will mean that it is useful for more than just regular PC users. Gamers will be able to use this monitor without there being any noticeable loss of performance. It is one of the most impressive monitor releases in recent years and could see Samsung moving to the front of gamers’ lists when it comes to top-level kit.

Samsung zero-bezel QLED 8K TV

This is a thing of beauty. It gives TV viewers a 99% visible screen on top of incredible clarity from the 8K resolution. Although the surprise was revealed before CES officially began, the unveiling of this new tech at the actual show was very impressive. What is so interesting about this is that it is one of the first moves towards offering a screen with zero bezel. As such, the quality of future iterations can only be expected to increase. This could be the first step in the new standard for TVs. As is often the case, Samsung is at the front of innovation and is offering its customers the ability to experience the finest in visual pleasure.

These are only a few of the thrilling products revealed at CES 2020, which are certain to take the market by storm in the coming months and years.

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