Are you travelling this Valentines' Day? Travel plug-related mistakes to avoid...

Common travel plug-related mistakes people make when travelling on Valentine’s Day

Taking a trip on Valentine’s Day is one of the classic treats that people arrange for their significant others — it is nice to get away for a while and enjoy the company of your loved one. There is one area where people make silly mistakes that can sometimes put a dampener on the trip though — travel plugs. Something so simple can cause serious issues if you do not get it right. There is no need to worry though, as we have put together a list of common mistakes so that you do not fall foul of these errors.

Picking the wrong travel plug

This one is more common than you might think. Sometimes, people think that their travel plug is one size fits all and that it can be used in any foreign country. Wrong. There are a lot of different adaptors out there, so it is important that you check that you have the right one for your destination. There is nothing worse than getting there and then having to spend time finding somewhere that sells the adaptor you need. It just wastes valuable holiday time and money. Make sure that you do not have this issue — do your research and buy the right adaptor in advance.

Not taking voltage into account

This can be a big one. If the adaptor you have chosen does not have a built in transformer, then the different voltages that are used around the world could cause damage to your electronic devices. There is nothing worse than plugging in your laptop or mobile phone and frying them because the voltage was wrong. Make sure that you check what voltage is used in the country you are visiting and then whether you need a transformer to keep your devices safe. If you can get an adaptor that has a transformer built in, then that is even better, but remember that the space you might save in your suitcase is not worth the risk of blowing up your devices.

Do not assume that USB charging will be offered

A lot of people assume that the ability to charge using a USB cable will be available where they are visiting. While USB-based charging is on the rise, it is still not the standard. This means that you will still need to take a travel plug. If when you get to your destination, you find that you do not need the travel plug, then that is obviously a bonus. However, it is much better to be in the situation where you have brought it with you and found that you do not need it, rather than to have left it at home and find that you need it when you arrive. It is not just in your hotel where this will help either — a travel plug will give you the ability to charge when you are in other venues, so even if you do not need it in your hotel room, you can still use it elsewhere.

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