Electrical Transformers

Electrical transformers are a parallel connected type of instrument transformer. These items are designed to present a negligible load to the supply that is being measured. Offering an accurate voltage ratio and phase relationship, voltage transformers enable accurate secondary connected metering.


Voltage adapters also increase or decrease mains voltage to allow products from other countries to work effectively and efficiently.If you are in a country with lower voltages, you may not be able to power your device. Similarly, if you are in a country with high voltages, there’s a danger of devices overheating and causing permanent damage to equipment. Voltage transformers can be used to ensure that the right voltage for the device in question is being used.


At Euronetwork, we stock a number of step up transformers that can convert voltages from UK to US., There are also a number of step down voltage transformers available in our range, converting voltage from USA to UK requirements.


These items are a great option if you are concerned about voltages when using products from different countries, helping to provide you with peace of mind and make the most of your devices.

If you have any questions in regards to electrical transformers please email us via our contact page or call us on 01908371909

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