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VGA, USB Or Audio Wall Plates

VGA, USB Or Audio Wall Plates

Our HDMI, SVGA and 3.5mm faceplates are designed to provide a range of sockets to connect all your household electronic equipment with ease. HDMI is currently the most popular and highest quality cable for audio video data transfer, and is used to connect devices like HDTVs, Blu-ray DVD players, set-top boxes, and games consoles. An SVGA port provides you with convenient access for projectors and computer monitors, and 3.5mm audio jacks are normally used for connecting headphones or stereo systems. The 3.5mm socket on the plate lets you redirect the wires of your audio system to a convenient location within your home so you can connect an audio output with minimal fuss.

In addition to providing a one-stop solution for connecting all you audio and video devices, our HDMI, SVGA, and 3.5mm wall plates also keep your home or place of work tidy. Wires are hidden from sight, leaving the room with a neat and modern feel.

We offer a variety of faceplates that come with these AV connectors, including versions with soldered connections, with or without the cables attached, and either single or double gang. Our plates are made using only high-grade materials to ensure top quality.

If you are looking for a particular connection we also sell HDMI, SVGA and 3.5mm plates separately, and we can even create custom built sockets to meet your needs.