When it comes to AV distribution, an AV splitter is what is used to split cable signal across different devices and outputs.

If you head to your nearest shopping centre, there may well be a retail store with multiple screens showing information or offers to customers. This store may well be using a splitter to send out one signal across these multiple outputs.

VGA splitters are a common selection and are used to take that one signal and push it out across a number of different places.

VGA connectors are commonplace on many video cards, computer monitors, laptop computers and projectors. By using a VGA splitter, a signal can be transferred onto a multiplicity of these devices, allowing information, content or anything else to be shared with ease.

Euronetwork’s selection of VGA splitters contains models with 1 in 2 out, 1 in 4 out and 1 in 8 out options. That means that you can select the perfect splitter for your requirements.

We also stock HDMI splitters, as well as VGA cables and VGA adapters and couplers. So be sure to browse through the full array of products we have on our Euronetwork online store today.

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