UK Power Cables

At Euronetwork, we specialise in delivering the items and accessories that help make the lives of our customers easier.

We also know that one of the most frustrating things about electrical devices is when they malfunction. This is particularly annoying when it is the connection that is causing problems.

To help counter this, we stock a broad, wide-spanning selection of mains power leads that are designed to transfer power from one device to another.

Euronetwork prides itself on offering our customers a wide variety of options. That’s exactly what our mains lead collection provides.

We stock mains leads suitable for use in the UK, as well as European main leads and leads for further afield. This includes worldwide power cables, including countries such as:

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
And many more.

We also offer cables with a selection of ends, including clover leaf, figure 8 and more.

Our selection includes cables of different thickness, as well various fuse ratings.

Whatever you’re looking for, Euronetwork is a great place to start. You can buy our products in bulk or for personal use, so take a look at our excellently priced mains lead cables today.

It’s easy to open an account with Euronetwork on our site, and if you have a question for our team, feel free to drop us a call on +44 1908 371909.



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