Power Leads

Power Leads

To keep your electrical devices and appliances (such as your home computer, laptop, or even guitar amplifier) in full working order you need the right power cord for the job. That’s why we have a full range of cables, for UK, European and international power sockets available to purchase in a variety of styles.

UK power cords

We have a host of UK compatible power cords to choose from, including clover leaf and figure eight leads (IEC C5 and IEC C7 cables respectively) as well as the more common ‘kettle' style end (IEC C13). These are suitable for most major electrical appliances and are available in varying lengths.

International power cords

For travel or international sales we also have supplies of power cords from all over the world. Available for purchase are cords for Euro and Schuko outlets, as well as ones that are compatible with US and Canada sockets and even Australian ones.

All power cords are made from approved cable and much like their UK counterparts they come in different plug shapes and lengths

IEC connectors

For those instances where your cables aren't long enough to reach, we also provide IEC connector cables. These extension leads mean you can plug in your computer monitor or other device more easily, even if the socket is in an inconvenient position.

Y leads

A Y leads is a UK compatible power cord that is fused to two connectors allowing it to split into more than one power source. That means you can have several devices connected to a single socket – great for connecting your computer and monitor with a single cable.

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